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About Us

“Safe Speeds WPG” is a grassroots initiative to create awareness among the residents of Winnipeg about:

·         the impact of automobile speed on fatalities and serious injuries to pedestrians and other vulnerable road users, and

·         the lifestyle benefits of safe speeds in Winnipeg neighbourhoods.

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SafeSpeedsWPG is a grassroots initiative to engage citizens about the impact of vehicle speed on people and Winnipeg neighbourhoods.  We uphold mobility as a human right - in all the ways people move within our city.  We value the safety of all Winnipeg’s residents.

We are urging The City of Winnipeg to amend the Speed Limit By-law to enforce a default speed of 30 km/hr in all Winnipeg neighbourhoods. 

Share Your Story!


What does a safe residential speed limit in your neighbourhood mean to you? Share your story with SafeSpeedsWPG! Email us a photo, along with your story and we'll feature you on our Instagram page @safespeedswpg  We'd love to hear from you...

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